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After upgrading, twice, at the Grand Luxxe in Nuevo Vallarta, not only were we unable to use use a unit in the Spa Tower (supposedly it's booked up for the next year), but we were awarded "Vida Dollars" into our Vida Vacations - The Vida Lifestyle Platinum account to use on other vacations of our choosing (a gift from my parents who were duped into this mess). Unfortunately these Vida Dollars are pretty much worthless. Our Vida Dollar "balance" is in excess of $12,500, which I was intending to use to purchase a trip to Europe for a group of people. After logging in a few times to see what was available, we settled in on an itinerary that included hotels in London and Paris. When arriving at the checkout page however, the only Vida Dollars that I could apply towards the purchase price of the trip were a small fraction of the price advertised as "savings with Vida Dollars" on the website.

Basically, Vida Dollars are a bad coupon since the prices of the hotels on the site are inflated compared to other sites using the same itinerary, and the portion of the purchase one can pay for with Vida Dollars is the difference between the price on other sites and the inflated price listed on www.thevidalifestyle.com for Vida Lifestyle Platinum members. "Savings" with Vida Dollars simply bring down the inflated price to a normal price. Paying anything to Vida Vacations to get Vida Dollars is like buying a bad coupon...and right now I have over $12,500 worth of bad coupon. For example:

Normal internet price of a luxury vacation for six people:


Vida Vacations price of the same trip:

$15,000, BUT you can use $2500 Vida Dollars, making the price only $12,500 out of pocket! Wow! What a deal!

The Vida Platinum Lifestyles package is a scam and be warned that paying anything to Vida Vacations and expecting to find value in Vida Dollars will not benefit you at all.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $12500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Totally agree - great "savings"...$2 off a $900 iPad. Great use of Vida dollars...we've got over $31,000 vida dollars and no way to use them within the 12-month expiry period.


TOTALLY AGREE!!! After our 2 free years with VIDA dollars is up - we will not be spending $250 to "use" VIDA dollars.

Have you ever tried to buy on First Fridays????? WHAT a joke that is!

have never been able to "purchase" anything but some of the 1/2 price wines (which have been good) but could probably buy wine at my local liquor store easier and cheaper but wanted to use some of my VIDA dollars. AND how can resort be booked a year in advance when you can only book up to 8 months prior?????

Dallas, Texas, United States #872735

Instead of selling the rental scam they've switched to Vida dollars. Both are shyte.

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